There is a popular myth among people about writers and writing. It is the belief that writing comes easy and natural to writers. You may even have had that assumption when you first started writing yourself. However, while it is true that writers like other creatives have moments of inspiration, a lot of what is created happens through hard work and discipline.

As a result of lack of inspiration, writers often find themselves in a rut, especially if working on some serious topics that are out of their comfort zone. There is the temptation to get down to business. That often means that creativity and imagination are at risk of being thrown out of the window.

Yet creativity and imagination are just the ingredients you need to connect emotionally with your audience, touching them in ways they do not expect, as you, as a writer, go the extra mile in stretching your writing abilities by putting your own spin and unique take on an issue using both imagination and creativity.

Now, let’s get down to business. Below are tips you could use in enhancing your writing.

  1. Expand your reading palette

For most writers, their love for words comes from their passion for reading. It is by reading that you learn about the world around you; reading takes you out of your own experience and into another person’s experience. As a writer, if you want to get better at writing, the one thing you can do and should do is to read more. The more you read, the more you learn how to write. Expanding your reading palette means that you develop your writing capability. The result is that over time you can begin to write different genres and go beyond your comfort zone. Every writer has the style or type that comes naturally to them, but reading a diversity of books opens up your mind to the possibility of trying out different styles and genres.

  1. Practice writing from different perspectives

When trying to be creative and imaginative, just thinking about things from a different perspective could be the answer. It can be the change you need to add more life to the article or story you are writing. First, writing from a different perspective requires that you are well-read on the subject you are writing about. Then using your imagination, you can tell, narrate, or describe from different perspectives. When you write from different angles, you enrich your story and give your readers more to think about and relate with as they get to be part of the story. Besides, writing from different perspectives stretches both the writer and the reader’s imagination, as it gives the writer the room to tell a more productive and more nuanced story.

  1. Be specific and detailed when creating settings, examples, and scenarios

Sometimes, as writers, we focus on the central element of the story or the characters. But if you are searching for ways to spice up your writing in the creativity department, then look no further than where you set your story, the examples as well as the scenarios you use in telling the story by being specific and detailed. You can create a rich and diverse world for your characters or have the story painted in more powerful ways that have more of an impact than just getting straight to the point. Detailed settings and scenarios allow you to add more texture and colour to your storytelling.


No matter what style of writing you are working on, thinking creatively and using your imagination will enable you to take your work to a different level. So why not give it a try the next time you find yourself stuck as you write that paper that seems to be going nowhere.

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