A writer once experienced difficulty in writing. He tried all he could till he was spent, all to no avail. Frustrated, he went outside for a nice swim and a warm chat with a friend. When he returned, he was able to gather his thoughts and write seamlessly.

We’ll take a wild guess, your nerve ends are tingling, your brain just blew a fuse and your fingers are blue from continuous typing. You need to let out steam. This is practised by all, but for writers, it is a necessity because our productiveness depends on the state of our minds. If a writer is overwhelmed and stressed, he/she becomes inefficient.  

As a writer, a good day in the sun, sumptuous food in your belly, and breeze in your hair will do you more good than a high pile of cash.

You don’t believe us? Are you of the school of thought that agrees that back-breaking hard work is the way to success and nothing else?


If you don’t slow down, you’ll be dead before you finish your bestseller (that is if you can write the ‘bestseller’).

Still not convinced?                                                                                                    

We have proof—science!

Science says, ‘Your hormones get ugly when you’re stressed’.

When the secretion of hormones like cortisol which plays a very important role in helping the body respond to stress and regulating blood pressure increases, it leads to a rise in blood pressure, weight gain, insomnia and worse, reduction in blood sugar.

So yes, your body goes flip crazy when you’re stressed. Not to mention depression and other mental and emotional pay-offs of stress on the body.

Pray tell, with the above-listed effects of increased cortisol hormone levels, do you think you’ll be able to make it down the road to success?

Science also says, ‘Your brain is less creative when you’re stressed’.

Have you wondered why you write creatively in your head but struggle to put words down the minute you power on your computer? The reason is simple—your brain works better when you’re not trying!

Negative emotions like tension and stress hamper your mental activities. They throw creativity out the window and lock the doors. The next time you’re searching for an opening line, a brilliant conclusion or a catchy first paragraph, take a ten-minute stroll, connect with your environment, breathe, take a glass of water then, return and write.

Again, science says fun and games boosts your creativity and stimulates your imagination.

Creativity and imagination are the power couple of writing. Inspiration, creativity and a sharp imagination are key when writing.

What if you have none of these?

What if your brain is so swamped that your imagination is crying for help?

In this state there is very little you can achieve. In times like these, writing becomes as painful as having your head trapped in a bear’s jaws. Much as writing is never easy, it shouldn’t be loathsome.  

Today, take the day off, relax your bundled up nerves, breathe, breathe again. A happy brain is a creative brain.

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