Persuasive writing is powerful enough to influence your reader’s belief or sway their interest to your point of view. You don’t have to be a writer or copywriter to know how to use the persuasive writing style. Do you want your reader (customers) to take action sooner than they ordinarily would? Then take your time to digest this article as we proceed.

Persuasive writing goes beyond putting an idea on paper. To write persuasively, you need to carry out thorough research on the idea. You need to pick appealing words and relevant keywords to create well-structured sentences that present your idea strongly. This writing style can be used in articles, songs, speeches, thought pieces and other marketing methods to get your readers to buy a product or use a service. Also, it will help you present facts in a way that clearly communicates your argument.

Here are a few ways you can make your writing more persuasive.

1. Know your audience:

You have to know your target audience before deciding how best to approach them. What do they find interesting? What are their pain points? What solutions do they need? You can use trending phrases or expressions to pass your message or idea. For example, a Nigerian publishing company can switch between a formal persuasive style and an informal one, using trending phrases like ‘Soro soke’ and ‘E choke’ to grab the reader’s attention and sell their point of view. However, if you are promoting a business book internationally, you would need to be more formal than informal.

2. Repeat yourself but be strategic about it:

Strategically repeating yourself is an effective way to persuade your readers. Do this by presenting your idea in different ways, with synonymous words and relatable examples.

3. Ask your readers questions:

You can be persuasive in your writing when you ask your readers questions. Your aim is to subtly force them to answer critical personal questions because it gives them clarity as to why they should swing your way.

4. Research every side of your argument:

To persuade your readers to follow you, you must give facts that show how your idea, product, or service is better than others. Presenting these facts in declarative statements will rightly express your idea and hook your reader’s attention.

In the marketing space, persuasive writing is crucial, but how can you effectively persuade your customers to choose you if you don’t have facts that you can leverage? For example, most paints grow mould after a short time due to inadequate bacterial shield. A paint production company can include the name or quantity of bacterial shield their paint embodies in their marketing copy.

The use of persuasive writing will convince your readers and win them over. So, learn the art to improve your writing ability and make your writing more influential.

However, if you don’t have the time to master this art, we have a team of professionals that understands the techniques in persuasive writing and can get your readers to follow your point of view within a short period.

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