As a writer, people look at you as a god of words. They expect that your content must be highly engaging, clean and clear. But they fail to understand that you put in serious effort to create every content.

As exciting and easy-to-read as an article may appear to your readers, they forget that you expended much energy to make it that good. To you, the writing could have been the most challenging thing you did that week.

Thankfully, you can create content that is awesome and less challenging if you imbibe or strengthen certain habits. These habits won’t be the most pleasant things to live by for the first few weeks or months, but you must embrace them to take your writing from good to great.

To help you write effortlessly, here are three habits of great writers you can practice.

  1. Write daily

If you must become a great writer, you must write often. This is a critical rule, and thirty minutes a day is not too small to start with. Great writers are constantly writing, so you should do the same. You cannot improve your writing if you only write whenever you feel like it.

When you groom the habit of writing constantly, your brain prepares for it. You become more creative and skilful. Every time you write, you allow yourself to get better. No matter how slow your writing may seem, progress births progress, so keep going.

  • Read well-written content

To get better at writing, commit yourself to reading. Great writers are constantly reading well-crafted content because they are always aiming to be better. Your speech, mental capacity, and writing will significantly improve when you read other writers and their rich works.

But how do you know the content that is well-written? You can’t always be sure, but you can start by focusing on popular places with excellent content like Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and New York Times.

3. Take short/long walks

Writing is mentally tasking. Professional writers take their mental health seriously. They keep their minds sharp and fresh by taking walks. It is one of the practical ways you can boost your creativity as a writer.

Go out, feel the atmosphere, observe and enjoy the view.

No please, don’t brainstorm; just go out and see things. Your mind will loosen up; it will feel relaxed and pick new information that will give you fresh content ideas or perspective.

You could take long or short walks. All that matters is that your mind gets refreshed.

Let’s face it. Everyone runs into a grammar issue. But what differentiates a great writer is the habit of double-checking for errors. If you think there is an issue with your grammar, it won’t hurt to double-check. Run a quick grammar search and be sure you’re not making a mistake. (This doesn’t have to be in your first draft, though.)

No one becomes a great writer overnight; it takes months and even years of internalising these habits. When you take these habits to heart, they become a part of you, and soon, you’ll become a writing ninja.

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