A perfect title is an essential tool in hooking your readers’ interest because it is part of the first things they will see. This may not be an easy task but you must put in all the effort required in creating a book title that sells your book, one way or the other.

So, your book title must be interesting enough to trigger your readers’ imagination. This is because it needs to hook the readers with the message it conveys.

Here are a few tips to consider in choosing a title for your book.

1. Setting

Every book has a location and a time that makes up the setting. It is creative to coin a possible book title from your book’s settings. To use this method, your book title should reflect or establish the time, tone, or place where your book is set.

2. Keep it short and straightforward

Having a short title is one of the features that can make your book memorable. Unlike lengthy titles, which may lose your audience in a short time, a short title is more powerful and sticks with your readers better.

You may consider titles that are two to five words long. This is short enough to grasp your readers’ attention, and it is easy to find when searched for.

3. Character Names

Are there unique characters in your book? You can name your book after any of your unique characters. It will provide a solid title that will capture your readers’ attention. To determine the perfect character to use, find out who best projects the story. You can also include the character’s unique features, obstacles, or mission in your story or book.

4. Consider your storyline

Your title needs to define what your readers will be getting into. It must correlate with the content of your book. What do you want to achieve at the end of the book?

A book title should intrigue your readers and raise their expectations.

You can ask questions like, ‘What problem is my book solving?’ It will help you to understand your storyline.

5. Be Original

An important thing to note is that you should not use existing titles. You need your book title to be unique and original. Using a current title hinders visibility, especially if the old title already has a high level of visibility.

(Except it is your deliberate strategy to leverage the prevailing name, but be sure you are within the law)

To help you create an original title, carry out proper research on existing book titles, then incorporate unique points from your book into the proposed book.

A captivating book title will grasp your readers’ attention.

To write the perfect book title for your book, practice these few tips or contact us now!

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